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Anniston girl pink bunny
The Little Tree Preschool 

Construction paper
Cleaning supplies
Toilet paper & paper towels
Finger paint
Finger snacks (Cheese- its, Gold Fish, Mini M&M’s)
Walkie talkies
iTunes cards
Pull Ups (all sizes)
Baby wipes, fragrance free
Clorox Wipes
Walmart, Target gift cards

Residential School

Sponsors for community activities (Pump It Up, Waterville, movie passes, bowling, Mobile Bay Bears, and other community leisure events).
Laptops for supervisors (4)
Gift cards (Lowes, Home Depot, Office Depot)
Smart board & 4 iPads
iTunes gift cards (educational games & programs)
PE equipment (balls, tossing games, soccer nets, volleyball, etc.)
Metal rolling rack to store PE equipment
New medication cabinets (2 for each home)
Nursing bags for each home (12)
Stethascope, otoscope, blood pressure cuff,
blood glucose monitor, pulse ox

Residential Instructional Services

Label maker
Large laminating machine
Motiv-Aiders timers
New copies of assessments/kits. i.e.- ABLLS-r, AFLS, VB-Mapp, Vineland, etc.
Subscription to JABA
Gift cards from Walmart for student materials
Urine Alarms or Bed alarms
New office floor

If you prefer, you can donate
any amount to help us fill these wishes!