The Learning Tree offers family support services across the state to families with children with severe developmental disabilities, including autism. Individual support and parent group sessions are available with Dr. Jim Jeffers by phone, email, or Zoom conferencing.

According to the National Institute of Health, parents and caregivers of children with autism frequently experience higher levels of stress and poorer physical health when compared to parents and caregivers of typically developing children. They are at an elevated risk of developing caregiver syndrome and experience depression, stress, and anxiety. Siblings of children with autism are more likely than siblings of children without the condition to be withdrawn and have poor social skills. Research has shown that the challenges that children with autism face can negatively impact parent and family functioning. Family therapy may not automatically solve family conflicts or make unpleasant situations go away. It can help family members understand one another better and provide them the skills to cope with challenging situations.
Potential Benefits for Parents Include:

To gain insights into the developmental stages of their child

Joys and frustrations can be shared without judgement

Practical helpful hints for working with their child and siblings

Benefit from a professional that will listen in an accepting manner

Learn family coping skills

When in crisis, strategies can be suggested on how to keep the family together

To discover if Family Support Services is the best option for you and your family, please contact:

Dr. Jim T. Jeffers, Ed.D., Ordained Chaplain, and Retired Educator

Available by Phone or Email Monday thru Friday 10am – 6pm

(334) 799-0186