The Learning Tree is expanding its offerings to include Family Support Services at no charge to families with children with developmental disabilities, including autism.

The program is designed to address specific issues affecting the health and functioning of a family. It may help a family through a difficult period, a major transition, or with mental/behavioral health problems. The option exists to include all family members or simply those willing to participate. While family therapy may not automatically solve family conflicts or make unpleasant situations go away it may help family members to understand one another and provide them with the skills to cope with challenging situations. It may also help the family achieve a sense of togetherness.

‘‘We are very fortunate to have Jim T. Jeffers, Ed.D., who is an Ordained Chaplain and Retired Educator, to work with families across Alabama, said Dr. Marc Williams, Executive Director of The Learning Tree.”


Specific benefits for families may include:

· Gaining insights into the developmental stages of their child.

· Benefitting from a professional that will listen in an accepting manner.

· Sharing joys and frustrations without judgment.

· Developing strategies to help keep families together, when in crisis.

· Learning coping skills as a family.

· Discovering new resources that are available to them.


Telehealth sessions are available by phone or online video meetings by appointment. Group support discussions among parents, family members, and professional staff to talk about family issues will also be available in the future. To inquire about the program or to schedule an appointment email Dr. Jeffers at or call 334-799-0186.