Little Tree Mobile Pictures-Tallassee Picture 335 (Small)The Employee Development Department provides all Learning Tree employees the appropriate training opportunities necessary to fulfill their jobs.

All Learning Tree employees must go through annual training.   View the requirements.

Defensive Driving

Learning Tree employees will learn safety issues for operating agency vehicles. This course consists of an online presentation and a quiz.

Defensive Driving: 15-passenger van

Learning tree employees will learn safety issues for operating agency 15-passenger vans. The course consists of an online presentation and a road test.

For the defensive driving courses, review the following documents:

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Learning Tree employees will participate in the required DMH/MR annual training that covers; the rights of people served, complaints and grievance policies, abuse, neglect & mistreatment, behaviors and medical issues.

Seizures & Epilepsy Training (Mobile)

Learning Tree employees must understand the signs,symptoms and the treatment of seizures and epilepsy. The appropriate response to a seizure is part of this training.

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