Autism Insurance Reform Bill, HB284

By May 1, 2017News, Press Releases

The Autism Insurance Reform Bill, HB284, continues to move through the Alabama Legislature. Opponents of the bill are working hard to stall and sidetrack the bill, but there’s still time to enact meaningful coverage for the treatment of autism – including ABA.

PLEASE contact your State Senator and ask them to help get the bill out of committee and to the floor for a vote! Lookup your state senator here

If they are not on the committee, ask them to encourage the chairman to support the bill. The children and families affected by autism deserve a vote on this bill, despite efforts by opponents to deny them that chance.

The best advocacy to your Senator is you briefly telling your story and asking for them to help move this bill forward. Please include your address, or street name and town so they know you live in their district!




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